Refunds and Returns

    Please contact for all warranty enquiries and returns.

    All products are covered by at least a 1 year RTB warranty with VTech Industries. (Except Software and Consumables which are usually 3-6 months)
    VTech Industries will also cover repair/replacement for the length of the manufacturer warranty period in the event the manufacturer doesn't allow end users to claim warranty directly through them.
    Please note: Any warranty periods stated in the product description or product name are manufacturer warranty periods.

    Customers have the right to choose the type of remedy in the event that:
    - Goods are dead on arrival (reported within 7 days of delivery)
    - Goods have developed a 'major' fault during the 1 year warranty period
    - Goods are not as described (must notify within a 'reasonable' amount of time)
    - Goods appear to be unsafe
    - Goods don't do what they are supposed to
    - VTech Industries is unable to provide a repair/replacement of a 'minor' fault within a 'reasonable' amount of time

    VTech Industries has the right to choose the type of remedy in the event that:
    - Goods have a 'minor' fault or develop a 'minor' fault during the warranty period
    - 1 year RTB warranty has expired but the manufacturer warranty is still valid
    - Goods are missing non-essential accessories/parts

    VTech Industries does not have to provide a remedy in the event that:
    - Customer changes his/her mind
    - Customer accidentaly purchased the wrong item
    - Customer purchased a product based on incorrect technical advice from anyone other than VTech Industries
    - Customer 'misused' the product in a way that caused a fault
    - Customer can't provide any type of proof of purchase
    - Customer has returned a product as faulty but has been confirmed not faulty by VTech Industries or Supplier or Manufacturer
    - Serial numbers used to identify the product are missing or have been removed
    - Any 'warranty void if removed/broken' or similar stickers have been broken/removed
    - The item is physically damaged

    A remedy can be in the form of a refund or replacement or repair or compensation for loss.

    The customer is responsible for costs involved in returning faulty goods, except where the costs are considered 'significant', or during the DOA period.
    If paying via Paypal, any claims for re-imbursement of return postage must be done via Paypal's "Refunded Returns". The fees/surcharges we pay Paypal per transaction go towards policies like this.

    Customers need to contact first to explain the fault and obtain an RA number before returning faulty goods.

    Warranty repair/replacement is handled by the relevant supplier or manufacturer. Average lead times are:

    DOA 7 days - Refund/Replacement within 1-2 business days
    Well stocked item - usually no more than 1 week
    Occasionally stocked item - Please allow 2-3 weeks
    Discontinued item - Will be returned to overseas factory, please allow about 4 weeks

    Please note: Times listed above are a general guide only and are in no way guaranteed.

    Some manufacturers only offer warranty direct to the end-user for certain products after the DOA period (ie, Most consumer electronics such as Monitors, Printers, Notebooks etc). If you are unsure who to lodge a warranty claim through, please contact

    The terms 'major', 'minor', 'reasonable', 'significant' are broad terms outlined by the ACCC.
    In the event that both VTech Industries and the consumer can't come to a fair agreement on a remedy, the case will be raised to the ACCC for review.

    The repair/replacement of your storage devices may result in the loss of user-generated data. Please ensure that you have made a copy of any data saved.

    If no fault is found with the product, the customer is responsible for paying any costs incurred in returning the product to them and a service fee may also apply.